How To Submit Photos

Submission Guidelines

All submission of images for projection (digital images and digital files to be projected for print images) should be submitted to the new OPCC competition email —

The deadline for submission will be 11pm on the Thursday the week before the competition to give our judge time for careful evaluation and study.  Prints may be submitted up to 6:30pm the night of the meeting but if you want an image projected please send it, or bring it on a thumb drive to be loaded to the computer.

 All images to be projected should be set, in your software of choice, for sRGB as the “color space”.  All file names must end with the JPEG image correct suffix, which is “.jpg” or “.jpeg” Your software probably adds this automatically.  Example: “mypicture.jpg”

 Size of the images files should be set in your software to be your choice of: 1,920 pixels longest edge; or  1,024 pixels longest edge.  The larger number (1,920 – the native resolution of our new projector) will show very, very slightly better but it will not ensure you win!  It will project a somewhat larger image, filling the screen. If your Internet connection is slow or quirky, the 1,024 size gives a slightly smaller file size.  But, 1024 also projects a slight smaller image size on the screen.  Both sizes project well in terms of quality and color.

 Do NOT use pixel sizes greater than 1,920.

Please use a “resolution” setting of 96 pixels per inch, but if you use more by mistake it is not critical. It will not project a better image by using more than 96.

If your software offers different quality settings for JPEG, use the highest quality you prefer given your Internet speed. Again, there is almost no difference in what you see as a projected image but a lower setting will yield a slightly smaller file size.

It is no longer necessary to send the file names separately as separate “text” in an email accompanying your pictures as these can now be read directly from your picture file.

Please remember each image filename must be in the following format:

Medium _



Maker Name_

Image Title

D = Digital

G = General


Last name first initial NO space or punctuation

Insert spaces but NO punctuation or characters

P = Print

S = Special




Examples:     D_G_A_SmithJ_LovelyImage.jpg and D_S_B_SmithJ_LovelyFace.jpg P_M_B_SmytheJ_FabulousPrint.jpg

D_G_M_ProfessorA_PerfectComposition.jpg   (or any of the above can end in .jpeg)

Group M-Masters category.  These artists receive judges evaluations but no first second or third place is given.

Group A – The advanced category. Membership in this group shall consist of (a) declared professional photographers; (b) the winner of the Group B Photographer of the Year award providing that that winner meets the minimum accumulated point total described below; (c) any member who elects, as of January 1 of any year, to compete in Group A; and (d) members who qualify for advancement from Group B according to the criteria set forth below.

Group B – The basic category. All members not in Group A shall compete in Group B. New members (except declared professionals and those having attained Group A or equivalent status in another club) shall automatically compete in Group B for the calendar year in which they join the club.