The 2nd Thursday meeting of each month is competition night.  Members can submit digital images or prints to be judged in competition.  Each month has a special subject (see list on the right).  Guidelines, Overview, and Photo Submissions are covered on their individual pages accessed by the drop-down menu above.

Print Makers,
The club holds an “End-of-the-Year Competition” for all monthly winners. We enlist another camera/photo club to judge the images and, therefore, are only able to include digital images in this competition. If you would like your first place print images considered, please send me a digital copy of the print (appropriately sized and titled) before the November meeting.

Notes on the Special Topics for September, October, and November

Please read this information and follow the guidelines carefully.


Triptych: {Triptych is derived from the combination of the Greek words “tri” and “ptyche”  into “triptychos” meaning “three-fold” and, despite these roots, apparently is pronounced “trip-tik”.} Put three images together in a single final image. {Note: some tutorials show how to make a triptych from a single image. That is not acceptable for this special topic.} Your triptych will be scored on the quality of each individual image and how well the three fit together.;


Witta thoughtfully provided some information from the Nelson Camera Club in New Zealand on how to make a triptych.


Wabi-sabi: “[Wabi-sabi] nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” It is part of the Japanese esthetic: Life is transitory; seek simplicity, serenity and elegant forms; the most beautiful things are fleeting, indeed beauty is fleeting. And here is a link (might have to copy/paste it):

More Information:
“Wabi-sabi” is the Japanese/Zen aesthetic of the beauty of imperfection, impermanence, and the natural. Wabi-sabi is about the principle that “all things are either devolving toward, or evolving from, nothingness.  It refers to an elusive and elegant beauty. 
“Wabi” suggests a beauty of elegant imperfection. “Sabi “means loneliness,aloneness. Together, they suggest the beauty of ‘the withered, weathered, tarnished, scarred, intimate, coarse, earthly, evanescent, tentative, ephemeral.   For SOME PHOTOGRAPHIC EXAMPLES:
Manage the Light: How you use light in your captures is an important part of creating an effective image. Some examples of techniques used to manage light are high key, low key, Chiaroscuro, tenebrism, Sfumato, backlight. Links to more information will be provided on the club web site and in a subsequent email.

Below are some general guidelines to keep in mind when selecting and preparing photos to be judged:

Preparing Images:
  • Horizon lines, real or perceived, should generally be on the third and level.
  • Use of selective depth of field can be effective, but the subject must be sharp!
  • Learn to vignette, dodge and burn.
  • Subject should be either in or out. Avoid tangency…Or, Fill the frame
  • Surround your subject with estuaries.
  • Moving subjects, or those capable of moving, need space to go forward
  • Check your background first!
  • Simplify!!! Eliminate extraneous or distracting Elements.
  • Stick with proven compositional rules. Should be a conscience reason to break
  • Don’t create amputees by cutting the limbs of people at the joints
  • Leading lines should lead to the subject, not out of the image.
  • There should be a specific point of interest(s).
  • Multiple points of interest shouldn’t compete.
  • Centered of interest should not be centered unless there is a very good reason for doing so.
  • Avoid unnecessary negative space.
  • Over frame for better crop opportunities.
  • Some folks just have a “good eye”, but the Elements of good composition can be learned by and improve almost everyone!
  • Use care with filters and extreme effects. Is it a cover-up or truly new art? i.e. If a painting. effect is used, how would the image be judged if it were not a photo.
  • Learn how to effectively eliminate distracting Elements with cloning, layering, etc.
  • No blown highlights or lack of shadow detail.
  • Learn to how to dodge, burn and manipulate light.


“Top Picks” photos are chosen each month from those images submitted.  To see current month’s top picks, select it from the drop down menu under competition.

For past top picks, select a year and month from the Competition drop-down menu above. There is one page for each month’s winners.

To see an enlargement of any image just click on it. To reduce the enlargement, just click on the image again.